The Lion King/Thomas

Young Simba as Thomas

Pumbaa as Edward

Timon as Henry

Speedy [From Chuggington] as Gordon

Young Nala as James

Adult Simba as Percy

Emleromerland [From Dan the Dog] as Toby

Numbuh 2 [From Codename; Kids Next Door] as Duck

Adult Nala as Mavis

Adult Simba as Donald

Mufasa as Douglas

Zazu as Oliver

Pudge [From Cat's Don't Dance] as Charlie

Danny [From Cat's Don't Dance] as Diesel

Adult Compuietermine as Emily

Zira as Daisy

Adult Kovu as BoCo

Ozzy [From The Land Before Time] as Diesel 10

Annie [From Veggletales] as Lady

Hanny Manny [From Hanny Manny] as Sir Topham Hatt

Tia [From Cars] as Lady Hatt

Kate and Mim Mim [From Kate and Mim Mim] as Bill and Ben

Jerry [From Veggletales] as Stepney

Young Kovu as Bertie

Robbie [From Blue's Clues] as Bulgy

Sawler [From Cat's Don't Dance] as Rosie

Tiana [From The Princess and the Frog] as Molly

Mushu [From Mulan] as Cranky

Fred [From Spongebob Squarepants] as Dennis

Shrek [From the Shrek Movies] as Scruff

Dragons [From the Shrek Movies] as Quarry Wagons

Donkey [From The Shrek Movies] as Rocky

Hugo [From Hugo the Movie Star] as Whiff

Color Honey Bees [From The Simpsons] as Flatbeds

Skippy [From Rhino Hood] as Flynn

Rocko [From Rocko's Modern Life] as Hector

Lzzy and Gwen [From Total Drama All-Star] as Annie and Clarabel

Spike Mervert [From Dumbo] as Harold

Gumball and Darwin [From The Amazing World of Gumball] as Skarloey and Rheneas

Filburt [From Rocko's Modern Life] as Sir Handel

Yellow Face [From Battle for Dream Island] as Peter Sam

Postman Pat [From Postman Pat] as Rusty

Elmo [From Sesame Street] as Duncan

Tyler [From GoAnimate] as Freddie

Caillou [From Caillou] as Mighty

Larry the Cucumber [From Veggletales] as Mac

Ed [From Ed Edd n Eddy] as Billy