"Courage of the heart is very rare, the Stone has a power when it's there."

The Stone is the name given to the mysterious Amulet left in Nicodemus'' possession after Jonathan Brisby's death. It is then given to Jonathan's widow Mrs. Brisby per his request.

The Stone's first appearance.


No information whatsoever is given regarding the Stone's history or it's origin. It is presumed Nicodemus knew, but never revealed it's origins. Furthermore, it is unlikely if an overall backstory was given to the Stone.

Magical ElementsEdit

From it's first appearance in the first minutes at the beginning of the film, there is an inkling of magic and wonder about the object. Further into the film, it is hinted it does in fact possess a magical element. This is proven at the climax of the movie where Mrs. Brisby uses it's power to save her home and her children from sinking into the mud. At the end of the movie, Mrs. Brisby reveals that she gave The Stone to Justin. The Stone does not appear n'or is mentioned in the sequel.


  • Jonathan Brisby (formerly)
  • Nicodemus (formerly)
  • Mrs. Brisby (formerly)
  • Justin (current)
Secret of NIMH the amulet

"You can unlock any door if you only have the key"