The Sequel to the Secret of NIMH is awful. Very, very awful. The animation is cheap, the characters are horrible drawn and it has MUSICAL NUMBERS in it. Why would you make a sequel a musical if the original wasn't a musical? The Secret of NIMH had only ONE song and it is Flying Dreams. No character sang it. It was a wonderful song.

The Secret of NIMH 2 is chocked full of songs like a Big Mac at McDonald's is chocked full of calories. They are both deadly and need to be killed with fire. The sequel is an abomination of animation. I wouldn't even call it animation, but the characters move so it counts as one. To me, it looks like scribbles done by a four year old who can't operate a pencil.

The animation doesn't even add up! In one scene when Mr. Ages is talking to Timothy, Timothy's mouth moves EXACTLY like Mr. Ages! That, NIMH fans, is an example of why KINDERGARTNERS SHOULD NEVER MAKE A MOVIE. MGM, you have ruined yourself with me. I am serious. Your sequel to All Dogs Go To Heaven was great! You actually SUCCEEDED in making a good sequel to a great film! But The Secret of NIMH 2 is by far the WORST sequel ever. worst then Thomas and the Magic Railroad

Thank GOD for NIMH fanfics. This sequel is awful. Don't believe me? Go on YouTube and watch it!

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