The Mrs. Brisby and Fievel Show is a 2014 American animated television series produced by Amblin Entertainment and Universal Television, MGM Television. based on the An American Tail and The Secret of NIMH characters and theatrical film series created by Don Bluth The series follows the antics of a two mouse named Mrs. Brisby and Fievel Mousekewitz-Brisby It had its world premiere on January 18, 2014 and United States channel NBC on January 22, 2014


NBCUniversal announced that a new show, which consists of 13 x 22-minute, "will preserve the look, core characters and sensibility of the original theatrical films."


Season Episodes Originally aired


Originally aired


Season premiere Season finale Season premiere Season finale
1 13 January 18, 2014 April 26, 2014 January 22, 2014 April 16, 2014

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