"For I looked upon the words under the cage door, and understood them. We had become intelligent.

Nicodemus was an old prophet in The Secret of NIMH. He was the wise, mystical leader of the rats until Jenner killed him. Derek Jacobi did his voice who would later go on to play The Master from Doctor Who.


Nicodemus from the Secret of NIMH

Secret of NIMHEdit

In the first movie, Nicodemus appears as the ancient and wise leader of the rats and is highly respected by all but one. Jenner. He is first seen writing Jonathan Brisby's great deeds as well as his obituary and then again watching over Mrs. Brisby, willing her to visit the Great Owl.  He soon meets Mrs. Brisby face-to-face visits him in his study to ask for help. In this scene, Nicodemus reveals the truth about Jonathan and informs Mrs. Brisby of NIMH. Afterwards, he is seen twice; once in the boat on his way to the moving of the Brisby home and in his final moments.


Nicodemus' death hits every one of the rats very hard, even more so to Mr. Ages and Justin. Jenner, however shows no regret but feigns remorse.


Differences in the book and film:

  • In the book, Nicodemus wasn't old at all. He was very young. He wore an eyepatch over one eye and had a more arrogant air about him.
  • In the film, Nicodemus is grandfather-like and is very ancient. He has no eyepatch.
  • In the film, Nicodemus appears to have no ears.