"Yes, you're Mrs. Brisby"
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Mr. Ages is a friend of Mrs. Brisby and rat of NIMH. He is one of the few characters to re-appear in the sequel.

Secret of NIMHEdit

Mr. Ages is first seen in his home which appears to be a broken down tractor of some sort. Mrs. Brisby arrives and seeks his help and advice about Timothy's illness, Mr. Ages tells her that, after Mrs. Brisby tells him of Timmy's symptoms, that Timmy has pneumonia. He provides her with medicine and tells her to leave. Mr. Ages is seen again when Mrs. Brisby enters the Rose Bush for the first time, Mr. Ages then agrees to take her to see Nicodemus and is not seen after this. In the seen in the Rose Bush entrance, it is revealed that Mr. Ages had broken his leg in an attempt to drug the farmers cat Dragon. Mr. Ages has the displeasure of informing Mrs. Brisby of Nicodemus' death in the movies' climax.

Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to The RescueEdit

Mr. Ages appears in the sequel where he, for the majority of the film, teaches Timmy how to become more intelligent in terms of science. ( this is 100 percent wrong)