Justin in his first appearance.

Justin the rat is the tritagonist of the film. He is the former Captain of The Guard at the Rose bush and a friend of Mrs. Brisby. Justin is appointed the Leader of The Rats at the end of the film. He is voiced by Peter Strauss, who subsequently named his son after the character.

Secret of NIMHEdit

Justin first appears in the Rose Bush when he jokingly assaults Mr. Ages whilst the latter was taking Mrs. Brisby to see Nicodemus. He is introduced to Mrs. Brisby and vice versa, it is apparent that Mrs. Brisby takes an immediate liking to Justin but he does not feel the same about her. After this, he is seen more times in small scenes such as the boat scene with Nicodemus and the scene where Mrs. Brisby is captured whilst drugging the cat Dragon. His final scene is at the climax of the movie where he is taking part in moving the Brisby home. Additionally, he engages in combat with fellow rat Jenner and is appointed leader of the rats.

Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to The RescueEdit

Justin was one of few characters to appear in the sequel; where he teaches Timmy the ways of the Rats of NIMH.


-Justin bears resemblance to Disney's Robin Hood; Don Bluth taking inspiration from the design of Robin Hood.